Success Stories

Before and After

Kay, St Julians Fitness Member

Kay lost 80 lbs., 118.25 inches, 13.6% body fat in 25 visits

“This is a life changing program. There is no down side to this program. I feel energetic and younger. I feel outstanding!” ~Kay Gifford

Caris, St Julians Fitness member

Caris lost 40 lbs., 59 inches, 7.5% body fat in 34 visits

“Great program! Easy to follow… The results speak for themselves. The coaches are very approachable. I will recommend this program to everyone.” ~Caris Superville

Kevin, St Julians Fitness member

Kevin lost 27.4 lbs., 46 inches, 7% body fat in 22 visits

“I was able to lower my cholesterol over 100 points. I should soon be off 2 cholesterol controlling medications.” ~Kevin Febrey


“What a difference the Thin and Healthy’s Total Solution has made in my life!  I’m so glad we made the call.  The staff is super supportive and provides great motivation.  Thanks!”
~James Adams

Precor AMTs“Thin and Healthy really helped by putting food choices in perspective.  Portion control and healthy food paired with exercise is a great way to lose weight and gain energy.”
~Karen Adams

“I feel more positive and energized than ever before.  Love the structure of the program.  I feel GREAT!!!”
~Caris Superville

“I love the food choices, it’s very healthy and you get so much to eat.  The program is very easy to follow.  I don’t crave all the junk food anymore.  Need to keep up with the exercises to tone.  Staff is just great; they really push you to get it done.  Everyone needs to eat healthy and exercise.”
~Cathy Dubois

“This program is amazing!  It has never been so easy to lose weight.  The best part is I’m never hungry on this program.  If you are trying to lose weight easy, you should try this program.”
~Nathan Van Hoozen

“This program works!  Eating healthier and moving – that’s it.  I am loving my body more and more everyday on this program.  If I can do this, so can you. “
~Jamie Potts

“Love the program, it really works.  Can’t wait to lose another 20 lbs.  The people here are fantastic, the support is phenomenal!!”
~Vanda Stauffer

“Everyone is teasing me about my baggy pants, going out to get new ones.”
~Robin Mantey

Cybex Arc Trainer“I feel like I am in the best health and weight that I have ever been in and I owe it all to Thin & Healthy.”
~Tonya Robinson

“Exercise alone was not getting the results I was looking for, but now that I’ve started the program with exercise I’m beginning to see results.  The Thin & Healthy Total Solution weight loss program is an easy program to follow and the staff is supportive and encourages you to strive towards your goal.  Thank you!”
~Wendy McGee

“This program has really kept me, motivated to lose weight and inches.”
~Jeff Starkey

“Stick to the menu and maintain the exercise.  It works!!”
~Jack McWilliam

“I have such an overall feeling of well-being now.  When I started I could feel that my general health and energy, as well as, my outlook for my future were at an all time low.  This program has completely turned my life around.  I am not only smaller, but I am far healthier, stronger, happier, more motivated and energetic.  This has given me a whole NEW LIFE!!  My thanks go to God above and Thin and Healthy.  This is now my life for the rest of my life.”
~Jan Agler

“I have truly enjoyed the Thin and Healthy program!  The supplements, bars and vitamins were all beneficial in my weight loss!  I enjoyed the workout portion of the program too, and loved the metabolism retraining.”
~Paige Parks

Precor AMTs“Thin and Healthy’s Total Solution has shown me that it really is possible to eat healthy, feel great, and still lose weight.  The metabolism retraining component of the program has gotten me back on track in the gym and has made me realize how very important it is to keep moving!  Thanks to Shirley and staff for all the motivation and support – you are all amazing!”
~Sarah Smith

“Thin and Healthy at St. Julian’s Fitness in Levis Commons is everything and more than I hoped for.”
~Phyllis Bartholomy

“Thin and Healthy has been my answer in losing weight.  I have tried so many diets and this one I have really stuck to and I’m receiving results.”
~Judy Haas

“Good program, easy to follow and wonderful staff to work with.”
~Hallie Van Hoozen