You’ll Love Our Fruit Smoothies

Smoothie Co. - St. Julian's FitnessOur smoothies are made from the finest fruit purees fresh-picked at the peak of ripeness. Fruit purees contain no corn syrup, cane or beet sugars.

Our smoothies not only taste great, but they’re good for you, too!

Fruit purees are sweetened with nature’s own Crystalline Fructose avoiding the sugar high and eventual “crash” received from other sugars.  Pure Crystalline Fructose helps your workout, unlike other sweeteners it does not build fat or burn muscle.  The end result is healthful, extraordinary, smooth, and delicious.

Our protein crème is a high quality whey protein crème with 0% Trans Fats that create a velvety-rich texture enhancing the extraordinary flavor of the fruit purees with no aftertaste.

Our nutritional additive formulas offer optimum results… Build, Burn, Gain whatever your goal, we have the right formula… you select from Fat Loss, Energy, Focus or Multi-vitamin.

A guilty pleasure you don’t have to feel guilty about indulging in!

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