Our Story

st julians fitness, history, weight loss clinicI’m Tom St. Julian, owner of St. Julian’s Fitness. I would like to share with you on how I got started, and where my business is today. I started weight training in the 70’s when gyms only consisted of a bunch of iron plates, and the words, health and fitness were not invented yet.

That led to the purchase of my 1st gym in 1991 in Bowling Green, Ohio, 2nd gym in 1994 in Findlay, Ohio and in 1996 I went back to Bowling Green and expanded that location. In 2005 we considered the possibility of opening a fitness center in Levis Commons and after three years of planning we opened up the Perrysburg location.

With the obesity epidemic in America, we knew we had to do something to help people get faster results in their weight loss. After much research, we became licensed to offer Thin & Healthy’s Total Solution at our Perrysburg location. My wife, Shirley runs this operation and her members are getting fantastic results.

Although there are still some fitness centers that give the industry a bad name by pushing sales instead of service. Our facility prides itself for the service we deliver to our members. We are a family owned business where my son, Shane manages the Bowling Green location, my wife runs the Thin & Healthy program, and I manage the Perrysburg location.

The technology transformation of the industry has improved greatly to help enhance the quality of our lives. Your health is your greatest asset! It’s never too late, to start a lifestyle change to improve your health. The action you take today will enhance the quality of your life in later years.

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